Partner Program

Earn a new revenue stream by being a trusted partner of Hey Rockstar!

Sponsorships & Affiliates

Looking to earn referral revenue as a blogger, influencer, podcaster or entrepreneur?

Turn your fabulous online presence into profit. Apply for the Hey Rockstar Affiliate Partner program where you can earn cash for promoting the Hey Rockstar! software and services.

Earn up to $50 for each DIY Package sold
Earn up to $150 for each Full Service Package sold

Program Benefits

• With one-time commission you don't have to depend on referral behavior or churn.

• It's free to join - you pay nothing even if you take a break from promoting Hey Rockstar!

• Long cookie period increases your chances to convert your traffic.

• We are always happy to give regular performance incentives.

Make more money online from your traffic. Apply Today!




Agency Partners

Looking to extend your service line and revenue streams without the expense of adding more staff?

We have more than 15 years of experience providing white-label marketing services and customer support to many high-caliber agencies, designers and freelancers.

Our Partner Program for Agencies comes in two flavors.

Agency Plus

For Agencies providing complementary business services, Agency Plus enables Partners to fill any Digital Marketing gaps immediately - while generating new revenue streams in both services and software subscriptions  - with no up-front expense or added workload.

Agency Platinum

For approved Agencies who maintain a qualifying monthly sales level, we provide all our software and service delivery in our Agency Plus under YOUR brand, as representatives of YOUR company - using email and even phone numbers in YOUR company.

If your interest is peaked, let's schedule a meet & greet call and learn more about each other. Who knows, we might just be a match made in Heaven.